I knew I had a couple of options this year for Valentine’s Day cards for the kids in my sons’ classes – pencils or candy. I opted for the pencils this year and figured I could tape them to a store-bought card and be done with it.

But this Valentine’s Day, my little one (who is not so little anymore, he just turned six) wanted to make his own Valentine’s Day cards for his friends. Although I’m not the crafty type, I cringed and unwillingly agreed.

So I quite shockingly came up with a fun Valentine’s Day card craft for kids:

vday card 2_552x979


Buy some construction paper in various shades of pink, red and/or purple. Cut out two sizes of hearts – one larger and one smaller in the different shades. Use a patterned edge scissor for either the outside or inside heart. This part is better left to the adult.

vday card 3_550x682

With a glue stick, glue the smaller heart into the larger heart. My son started the process but got tired after a while so I took over.

vday card 4_552x710

Have your child write their special message to their friend on the card. Then, using a hole punch, punch a whole at the top right corner of the heart twice – one beside the other, making room for a pencil to fit through the hole. Punch another hole at the bottom left corner.

vday card 5_504x598

Push a Valentine’s themed pencil through the top and bottom holes.

vday card 6_476x632

And there you have it. Martha Stewart over here deserves a real pat on the back…I’m not a crafty person at all but this was fairly easy.

Here is a pinnable image:

valentine's day card craft for kids

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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