Ever wonder what TV shows you should let your little ones watch? Or why they like certain ones more than others?

Of course if your child is watching, most cases so are you to some degree. You’ve probably found yourself doing a double-take sometimes because you can’t believe what you’re seeing or hearing on the tube. If you’re like us, you’ve either grown to love or truly despise certain shows and characters.

Here is our take (all in good fun!) on TV shows for young kids.  Let’s call it a funny parents guide to preschool TV shows:

The Wiggles

Which Wiggle do you find to be the cutest?  Since you’ll be watching this show for quite a while, you may as well have a crush on one of them. At first, it was a toss-up between Greg and Anthony but the new Wiggle Sam is definitely the cutest.

Yo Gabba Gabba

The host just makes me wanna put on a hot pink boa, platform boots and bop to techno music at a rave and dance on speakers.

Play With Me Sesame

Ernie and Bert are NOT gay.

In the Night Garden

The song lulls you into a beautiful tranquil moment, a hypnotic dreamy-like state, until you get jolted off of your couch by the strange-looking creatures.  I wonder what it would be like to have one too many drinks and then watch this show…


Thank you, Caillou, for teaching my kids the art of whining to get what they want.  After my boys started to talk like Caillou, the show was immediately banned from my house.

Dora the Explorer

Dora must be on speed because the way she talks yells in that high-pitched annoying voice, can drive anyone to drink.

Go Diego Go

Your daughter will instantly develop a crush on this kid – it’s those big brown eyes and his adventurous, heroism that keeps us coming back for more. Your kids will undoubtedly want to be a veterinarian after watching an episode. And if they act up, you can always threaten to send them to the jungle.

Sponge Bob

He’s just plain creepy looking.

Max and Ruby

Why hasn’t Max clobbered Ruby yet?  On the other hand, why hasn’t Ruby slapped out Max for being such a pest? We could learn a lesson about patience from dear ol’ Ruby, who is wise beyond her years.

And the question all of us parents have that has yet to be addressed – where the hell are Max and Ruby’s parents?! I guess they’re orphaned bunnies in a cruel bunny world.

Four Square

How can you not crack a smile when you see Phillipe wearing navy blue tights and NO bulge where there should be.

And when you start reciting poems and singing songs from the show, you may as well just slap yourself out.


Would someone just kill Barnie once and for all?

This is Daniel Cook

Thank God for Emily Yeung!


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. Oh man. Caillou whined and got to sleep in his parent’s bed one night, and that same night our daughter threw an epic temper tantrum because she wanted to sleep in our bed and not her own.

    Max & Ruby has the most adorable theme song, besides Olivia. But the actual “stories” and OMFG the SOUND EFFECTS make me crazy.

    But far and away, the worst, most obnoxious show (and coincidentally my daughter’s favourite, go figure) is Toopy & Binoo.

  2. I HATE HATE HATE Waybuloo. After 2 episodes my 4 year old started talking baby-talk. It’s banned from my house. I also won’t let them watch Caillou, that kid’s parents need a slap upside the head.

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