Going on family vacations is a wonderful way to bond and create long-lasting memories with your spouse and kids. But in my experience, moms can never fully relax on vacation; kids will always need something, and where do they turn? Nope, not always Dad who’s relaxing in the lounge chair by the pool. It’s “Mooooom!” at home and on vacay.

How can mom completely unwind? By taking a vacation without the family. Yes, a holiday away from the kids and the spouse as well as all of the daily mom duties. No lunch-making, teeth-brushing reminders, or fight-breaking. No battling duelling siblings, breaking up fist-fights or threatening Fortnite bans. Whether it’s for a night, weekend or a week, every mom should make an effort to take a vacation without the family.

This is what happens when a mom takes a vacation without the family.

Your family will appreciate you more.

Will the spouse and children survive? Of course, they will! But they likely won’t carry out as smoothly as they do when you’re around. While they’ll make it through, they’ll miss having Mom there to keep the ship sailing smoothly. The truth is, your family will sometimes take all that you do for granted. Spending time away will force them to learn to appreciate all that you do for them.

Disclosure: they’ll leave a list of things for you to catch up on when you get back because apparently Mom does it best.

You’ll miss them too.

While they’ll appreciate you more while you’re on vacation, you’ll also appreciate them too. Going on a “momcation” without the kids creates space and time to miss them. You’ll feel blessed to have the opportunity to spend time away and be excited to be back in their arms again. Plus, video-calling and Facetiming it so much easier to connect with family while you’re away.

They will bond.

Mom going on vacation without the spouse and kids gives them a chance to bond with one another. They’ll partake in different conversations, activities and fun, creating new memories that they’ll cherish. I know my boys enjoy “guy time” with their dad, whether that’s going out for chicken wings or playing video games together. In fact, if mom and dad can ever take separate trips with the kids, or spend one-on-one together, even better. Your kids will love having you or their other parent all to themselves from time to time.

You’ll learn to relax more.

What a treat to wake up to the sound of birds and howler monkeys! Would I take that over the sound of bickering children? Yes – for a while. Although I cherished the change of scenery, I also missed the noise back home. But I learned to enjoy being in the moment as I knew I’d be back into the routine soon enough. So rather than feel guilty, I embraced my time. So rather than juggle getting the kids ready for school, I bounced out of bed to enjoy a freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee on the terrace overlooking the Peninsula Papagayo.

I deserve a break.

This was the first time I didn’t feel an ounce of mom guilt. My kids are older now and they are much more self-sufficient which does help. But I’ve also realized how important this time is for ME. Moms always tend to put themselves last, and that means reaching a point where mom is feeling depleted and exhausted. Feeling happy, rested and recharged is so important for moms, and taking regular breaks from our obligations should be made a priority.

You’ll reconnect with yourself.

Getting away from responsibilities and obligations can cause you to simply be with yourself, and your feelings and emotions. This is the best time to do some inner work. Use your time on vacation to re-evaluate your goals, create new ones and make plans for the future. But don’t forget to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished too.


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Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women.

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