What was the number one issue moms face with baby that first year of motherhood?


Baby crying?

Introducing solids?


I’d have to stay all of the above! However, sleep is one issue that was always a challenge the first year of motherhood – and beyond.

While breastfeeding only lasts months or the first year, and introducing solids is only for a short period of time, sleep is hands down the biggest issue moms face with their little ones.

This mom’s viral video captures something that EVERY parent has done, at one point or another, after putting baby down in his/her crib.

The Escape.

I can’t even count the number of times I tiptoed out of my babies’ nursery to avoid waking a finally-sleeping baby.  We’ve all been there.

That’s why Caryn Morris’ video on Facebook so hysterically relatable.

She and her husband, Tyrone, had friends over for dinner, and while everyone was relaxing, Caryn was trying to put their 15-month-old son to bed. Unfortunately, little Brody wasn’t having it.

“We had guests at home for dinner and because he sensed people around he was moaning and wanted to get out the cot. Every time I walked out the room he would stand up and moan.”

“I decided to sit on the floor next to the cot so he could see me. He then just lay there with his eyes a little bit open. I lay back and noticed he didn’t flinch or move or try and get out the cot. I slithered a little bit and he still remained on his side. Before I knew‚ I made it out the door and he hadn’t moved. I was too nervous to go back in the room to see if his eyes were open.”

So, Caryn did what any desperate mom would do – she slithered out of her child’s room.

Once you make a clean break, YOU RUN!  Don’t look back!



What is your nursery room “escape” technique?

The Snake: As Caryn did, slithering out of the room on your back.

The Worm: Slither out of the nursery but on your stomach, in a worm like motion.

The Kangaroo: Hop your way out of the room, with very light feet, and as high in the air as humanly possible.

The Tortoise: Move inch by inch, slowly yet surely, until you have reached not only outside the nursery, but down the hall and down the stairs as well.

The Mad Dash: Make a run for it!




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