Halloween is right around the corner. Sure, it’s easy to put off getting a costume and throw something together last minute, but if you want the hot looks this year, better grab them now!

Popular Halloween Costumes for Adults 2017

Women Costumes

The last couple years in entertainment have seen the rise of female power figures! What could be better than going as a strong, independent, female superhero (or anti-hero!) Classic costumes, such as a witch, cat, ghost, etc. are also making BIG comebacks in popularity. So try showing off some of that female strength!

Adult Woman Rey Costume, Star Wars Force Awakens
Stranger Things Eleven

Female Deadpool

Wonder Woman

Men’s Costumes

Men like to go for the funny, the great, or the easy costume typically. Pop advertising icon, Captain Obvious will probably replace The Most Interesting Man in the World this year. With the ‘IT’ remake releasing September 8th, Pennywise will be very popular. Looking for something a little more family friendly? Try Balthazar Brat, the despicable retro villain from ‘Despicable Me 3.’

Captain Obvious

Pennywise Clown

Balthazar Brat from Despicable Me 3

Donald Trump Piggyback 

Couples Costumes

Not everyone likes to pull off the coordination couple, but for those who do, there are a couple of popular trends this year. A PB&J. Yes. No, I don’t know why, but it’s everywhere. Plays on the male/female anatomy idea this year got an upgrade from the standard plug and outlet to the USB drive and plug. The absolute best is the Bob Ross and Painting. Clever, retro, and just plain awesome.


USB Drive and Plug


Nerds Box

Bob Ross and Painting

2017 Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids

2017 Popular Halloween Costumes for Adults | amotherworld.com


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  1. Stranger Things is going to be HUGE this year! I am actually dressing up as one of the characters.

  2. Kelly Reci Reply

    I really like those Halloween costumes. It looks so unique and adorable. I will definitely share this with my niece and nephew.

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