Ladies, do you wear a bikini or two-piece bathing suit?

New “research” has revealed that 70 per cent of Brits think that women over 40 should stop wearing bikinis.  I put research in quotation marks because it’s a ridiculous survey.

Do you agree or disagree?

On a community board, I saw this and was floored:

I’ve always thought it looked out of place when women over forty wear mini-skirts so I don’t think this [wearing a two-piece after 40] is any different. Although, it doesn’t mean you can’t still get a flirty one-piece or tankini! I believe in keeping a little skin hidden to be left to the imagination!

Seriously? Women over 40 can’t shouldn’t wear mini-skirts?!?  A woman should wear a bikini or mini-skirt as long as she can or wants to!

I say, if you are comfortable with your body and want to wear a bikini – all the power to you!

What do you think? How old is to old to wear a mini or a bikini?


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  1. I don’t think it should be about age, but I am shallow enough to admit it should be about looks.

    After my recent trip with the family to the water park in my city, I was disgusted by some of the women’s choice for swimming attire. I do believe it you have it, flaunt away, but if you don’t you should dress appropriately. No one wants to see how many rolls you have wiggling above your bikini bottom… they actually make flattering swimsuits for the bigger gals… and frankly, some of these women should take note of them. It is not pleasing to the eye, nor makes anyone want to bowl over with respect for a person who looks ridiculous.

    • Thanks for commenting. If these women are comfortable though, that’s up to them to wear, no?

  2. I don’t think its about age so much as how your body looks. There are women in their fifties who could wear a bikini or mini-skirt and women in their twenties who should not. If you are fit, not overweight then go right ahead. I also don’t think it is just about whether you are comfortable or not with your body…you really shoudl think about what others see too.

  3. I think its so sad that women who are younger and thinner are the ones society thinks should be allowed to wear bikinis. Why not women who are overweight? This is the kind of message that we should be trying to avoid and the kind of message I refuse to teach my children. If your fat cover yourself up because people don\t want to see that? Shameful really. I agree that if we are all comfortable we should be able to wear whatever we like, no matter how old we are. And remember that underneath the weight some of you may find disgusting lies beautiful, amazing women with huge hearts of gold in those bodies you criticize. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes not only for the young and underweight. Positive body images should be the right to all women, and sending women who are not what society deems beautiful to a corner of the bathing suit market is wrong. No matter how you sugar coat it, its discrimination. And its wrong.

  4. I don’t think there should be an age limit on clothes or anything for that matter. As grown adults we should wear what we feel comfortable in!!! As a Mom of 2 I spent many years worrying more about the kids than myself and now have worked by almost 40 year old butt off to get back in a bikini – if you ask me I am not prepared to give it up so fast 🙂

  5. If you are comfortable wear whatbthe heck ylu want. Crap Iam trying to bet back into shape so I can show off my new bikini. And I am ot 40 yet, bit if it takes me that kong to get back into shape after having two, kids well be it. Be yourself, a confident woman can pull off anything.

  6. For the LOVE of toenails!! I am almost 50, purchased a bikini this year AND just bought a hot pink short skirt and matching heels. I don’t give a rats patookey what others think I buy what I buy because I believe it looks GREAT on me. I am confident in who I AM – mind, spirit and BODY!!

  7. I disagree with this article. I’m 41 and can still get away with wearing a bikini.

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