Kids are home for an extended March Break. Parents are wondering how to keep their children busy and entertained, without screens the entire time? Here are 50 fun activities to do with kids at home to keep them from whining, “I’m bored!” These activity ideas will help families make the most of their time together.

50 Fun Activities to do with Kids at Home

  1. Make slime, oobleck, or play dough.
  2. Let the kids paint a picture on a poster board or canvas.
  3. Paint a large picture together on the floor. If you don’t have roll paper, tape construction paper together to make a landscape painting.
  4. Do a large 1,000 piece puzzle.
  5. Do crossword, Sudoku and word search puzzles.
  6. Find some notebooks and have the kids start a journal.
  7. Create a scrapbook for each child; have them decorate the cover and add the content.
  8. Create a photo book online together, choosing the best family photos.
  9. Go through old magazines, cut and paste pictures to create a collage of your favourite things or a vision board.
  10. Look through old photo albums, baby photos and watch old baby videos.
  11. Do a craft together; have a bin full of craft items handy for times like these.
  12. Have the kids go through their toys and find items to donate and sell.
  13. Clean out your closets and put items to donate and sell aside in separate boxes.
  14. Post your items to be sold online on Kijiji or Marketplace, have the kids take photos of the items.
  15. Play board games, charades, hide and seek, I-Spy.
  16. Learn new card games.
  17. Build something out of Lego.
  18. Create an obstacle course outside, or races in the backyard like hopping on one foot, crabwalk, potato sack races, tug of war, etc.
  19. Create a stop motion animation video using clay or playdough.
  20. Build a fort or tent out of blankets. Turn off all the lights and tell scary stories.
  21. Snuggle up and read books together.
  22. Bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies or Rice Krispies bars
  23. Put on a yoga YouTube video and do yoga together.
  24. Guide your kids through a meditation.
  25. Play video games together.
  26. Let your kids paint your nails, do your makeup and hair; take turns.
  27. Dress up in your best or silliest outfits and take pictures.
  28. Dim the lights and put on some fun music and have a dance party.
  29. Have the kids put on a talent show; they can sing, dance or perform a skit.
  30. Film some silly Tik Tok videos and have fun with Snapchat filters.
  31. Have a Karaoke party
  32. Create a movie script with the kids and film it, then edit.
  33. Have the kids draw pictures or write letters to a family member or friend and mail them out.
  34. Draw portraits of each other.
  35. Create email addresses for your kids and send them an email; let them read their first email from you.
  36. Set up an indoor scavenger hunt.
  37. Put on your pyjamas, make popcorn and watch a movie.
  38. Re-organize or re-decorate your kids’ bedroom
  39. Choose a topic kids are interested in and research it together.
  40. Get outdoors for some yard work.
  41. Get some old socks and have the kids create sock puppets.
  42. Find a large cardboard box and create a puppet theatre. Let the kids put on a puppet show using stuffed animals; make sure to record it.
  43. Go for a hike, collect rocks and then let the kids paint them.
  44. Play road hockey, basketball or baseball outside.
  45. Have a mini-stick hockey tournament.
  46. Play hopscotch indoors by using masking tape on the floor.
  47. Use food colouring or food scraps to dye eggs, then decorate them.
  48. Have the kids learn magic tricks through YouTube videos.
  49. Take a nap.
  50. Go outdoors for a walk.


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