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If you follow me, you are likely aware that I live a gluten-free lifestyle, and that I promote healthy eating and living well. You may have heard my story about how I healed my gut, take probiotics, practice meditation and yoga. You may have even tried some of my delicious gluten-free recipes!

Since being open about my own journey to a healthy stomach, many of you have also shared your own experiences with gut health, bloating and developing food sensitivities. Here’s a recap!

After my second child was born, I developed major stomach pain and bloating symptoms. As time went on, the digestive issues seemed to worsen. Every time I ate, my stomach would bloat to the point where I looked six months pregnant. It was painful to even touch!

A few years ago, I underwent a series of appointments and medical tests for my stomach issues. First tests checked my iron levels, thyroid, etc. and everything came back fine. I underwent an ultrasound which showed some inflammation but nothing else.

My family doctor then sent me to see a gastro-enterologist who ordered more tests. I also did a food allergy test which showed I may be lactose intolerant and sensitive to wheat. My family doctor and the specialists I met with cleared me of any medical issue, which I was thrilled about. But they also couldn’t give me an explanation or solution to my constant discomfort, or offer any solutions. How was it possible that my doctor couldn’t provide any answers, and relief?

I felt frustrated, and left to figure things out on my own. So I began to do some research. I started a log of foods that would disagree with me, and began a list of foods to avoid – including whole wheat, oats, and dairy. Over time, the list grew longer… it seemed I had an upset stomach after every meal, and every single day.

Then, I realized I should seek out the advice of a Naturopathic Doctor. If my medical doctor couldn’t help much, why wouldn’t I seek out natural alternatives? Naturopathic Doctors are qualified and regulated health care professionals, and their services are covered by extended health insurance.

My Naturopathic Doctor ordered a food sensitivity test which revealed all the foods that were causing inflammation, and many more. The list was longer than I had ever anticipated! The food I was eating was the cause of my stomach pain and bloating. Naturopathic Doctors treat underlying causes, and can help you stay healthy.

My ND said I should avoid the foods that were causing the inflammation, and suggested a plan to heal my stomach. Part of my treatment was to take a probiotic, and herbal supplements geared toward digestive issues. It’s been several years now that I’ve gone gluten and soy free, and I’ve never felt better. I’ll sometimes sneak in some dairy here and there, but avoid it for the most part as I still have reactions.

I’m so thankful to have found a Naturopathic Doctor who was able to help me realize the underlying issues I was having, and to help me on the road to healing and recovery. You can find a Naturopathic Doctor near you at

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