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Many couples with children are leading hectic lives, running ragged, and possibly having less sex. Between work, household chores, and raising children, parents often have little time left for intimacy! That said, as kids become older, couples have more time to rekindle their relationship and hopefully bring back the heat under the sheets.

It’s important for a couple to keep their relationship hot and spicy! Having an active and fulfilling sex life can improve physical health and fitness, reduce stress, and even lead to improved sleep. A study in JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that women between the ages of 40 and 65 who place greater importance on sex are more likely to stay sexually active as they age.

The reasons that sex may slow down for women as they age are due to hormonal changes including menopause. When the ovaries stop making estrogen, a woman may experience physical symptoms including a decrease in vaginal elasticity, muscle tone, and lubrication. And for some women, arousal takes longer. As a result, women may experience difficulty with lubrication, pain with penetration, a decreased libido, and difficulty or inability to climax.

In addition to hormonal changes, some women may also have sexual dysfunction because of stress, anxiety, and relationship issues. But it doesn’t have to be this way! If there is something that could help bring back the heat under the sheets, why wouldn’t you try it out?

Introducing Ristela™

is scientifically validated to increase arousal and orgasm, and increases desire over time with daily use. Taken orally, Ristel is plant-based and hormone and steroid free, with ingredients clinically shown to be safe and used by women in Europe for over 20 years.

The ingredients in Ristela – which include French Maritime pine back extract, antioxidants and naturally-occurring amino acids – are designed to increase blood flow and enhance sex drive and sexual satisfaction.

Ristela Clinical Trials

In three clinical trials, women using Ristela saw significant improvements after one month, and even further improvements by month 2. The women in the studies were premenopausal, perimenopausal, or postmenopausal. In all three trials, Ristela demonstrated significant improvements in arousal, orgasm, desire, and overall satisfaction.

How effective is Ristela?

The results are impressive; women experienced greater arousal, orgasm and sexual satisfaction after one month of taking Ristela, and higher results after two months:

Women saw a 62% increase in arousal at month one and 75% by month two1.

Women saw a 62% increase in orgasm at month one and 74% by month two1

Women saw a 61% increase in sexual satisfaction at month one and 75% by month two1

How to Bring Back the Heat Under the Sheets - Ristela

How to take Ristela?

For best results take two tablets every day and use consistently for one month for best results. Ristela can be purchased exclusively online at , and is also available for a monthly subscription at $45 per month plus free shipping.

Get 15% off your first month when you subscribe to Ristela. Head to and use code MARIA to save.*

Will you bring back the heat under the sheets?

How to Bring Back the Heat Under the Sheets | amotherworld



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