We’ve had Rogers Ignite TV for almost a year now, and I have to say that it has changed the way we watch TV in our family. Rogers Ignite TV integrates the best content into one place. Since Ignite TV is Wi-Fi based rather than cable, we can search live TV, On Demand, YouTube and Netflix all the same time, and on all televisions that have Ignite TV. Here’s why we’re hooked:

No More Bulky Boxes

The Rogers Ignite TV box is small and doesn’t take up much space on your entertainment console. Since it’s small and lightweight, it can fit perfectly into any TV setup, especially if you have your TV mounted above a fireplace or on a wall. No more bulky eyesores!

Practice Your Theatre Voice

Who wants to watch their kids tackle for the remote just so they can see who has the best British accent?  The all-in-one search in voice remote is so convenient. You don’t need to scroll anymore; simply use the voice remote to name whatever it is you’re looking for; whether it’s your favourite sports team or reality TV show, you can simply say “Real Housewives” and Rogers will pull up all of the options for you to watch… and there are many. For example, Rogers will pull up ALL of the series; Beverly Hills and New York are my faves! What the BH gals did to Lisa Vanderpump still irks me!

Or even if you want to search a video on YouTube, or a movie on Netflix, the remote will search its database and find what you’re looking for. Switch in between apps; YouTube, Netflix, TV and all into one search… which makes planning family movie night so effortless! Since we have easy access to so many options, the only problem is deciding!

Pause – Gotta Pee!

We love that we can pause a movie or show for a bathroom break, or to get snacks, and continue watching when ready. Once you begin watching a show, you also have the ability to rewind if you’ve missed something… like when the kids suddenly burst into the room and you can’t hear the most important line of the episode!

Forgot to Record My Show!

It’s easy to set up shows and movies to record with the PVR; with a click, you can record one show or the entire series of new or all episodes. If you’ve recorded something and are late to start watching, you can easily watch from the beginning and catch up while the show is still being aired. Plus, you can easily fast forward, rewind and pause.

But what happens if you’ve forgotten to record your fave show? Ignite has the ability to pull up all episodes including ways to watch the one you missed. After a long day, I love crawling into bed and pulling up some of my recorded shows to watch, and I love that I can fast forward through the many commercials of The Young & The Restless, and some of the boring scenes on The Bachelorette… I don’t really care that the two are being serenaded by some country singer and slow-dancing in front of hundreds of fans!


Stuff the TV Into My Pocket

With Ignite TV, you can also record movies and can download them on the Rogers app to watch later from your mobile phone, even without Wi-Fi capability. For example, I downloaded a few episodes of my show so I could watch on the airplane to Costa Rica. Also, the kids can download and play movies offline while on road trips. Simply download the content and Rogers will store into the cloud PVR so you can watch later.

For the Little Unruly Kids

For younger kids, the exclusive Kids Zone is curated and protected programs for children only; you can also set up parental controls to keep content safe. Plus, there is plenty of programming for them to be entertained while you’re trying to cook dinner or clean the house!

My kids are older and use Ignite TV for watching sports, Netflix and YouTube primarily. When my kids aren’t playing video games, they use the Ignite TV YouTube app to pull up their favourite YouTubers to watch THEM play video games. Wait, what? This is truly a phenomenon among Generation Z that us Generation Xers can’t comprehend!

Watching TV has become so convenient, the only problem now is choosing from all the available content! Rogers Ignite TV has revolutionized the way we watch TV and enjoy entertainment.

This is How We Watch Entertainment Now Thanks to Ignite TV


I’m a Rogers ambassador, and as always, the opinions written here are my own.


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women.

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