The 71st Annual Golden Globes were off to an entertaining start with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey doing their thang! Those ladies rock and just to put it out there, I want to be their friends. Watch Tina Fey and Amy Poelher’s opening monologue Golden Globes 2014 further down.

Some best and awkward moments of the Golden Globes 2014:

BEST: Tina and Amy joking about Matthew McConaughey losing 45 lbs for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, “or what actresses call ‘being in a movie.’”

AWKWARD: Fey joked about George Clooney:  “Gravity is nominated for best film: It’s the story about how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.”

BEST: Watch Tina Fey Amy Poelher opening monologue Golden Globes 2014:

BEST: Photobomb of the year (so far), again goes to Jennifer Lawrence. And the subject couldn’t be any better – Taylor Swift?! Perfection.

Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes photobomb

AWKWARD: Jacqueline Bisset was the second speech of the night – she may have been already had a few too many glasses of something… I went to get a glass of water with ice and came back to the TV and Bisset was still having a thought. The poor woman tried really hard to spit the words out but managed to talk about forgiveness before the music started a second time to cut her off.

Note to actors: If you’re nominated, there IS a chance you could very well win so prepare a speech and save us the AGONY. Please.

AWKWARD: Diane Keaton singing a lullaby while accepting the Cecil B. Demille award for Woody Allen was awkward and creepy all rolled into one inappropriate mess.

AWKWARD: When Bono avoids a hug from P Diddy, Puffy, Diddy, whatever his name is:

AWKWARD: The seating arrangements were horrible. It took several minutes for winners to make it to the stage. Don’t they already know who has won? Please put them closer to the stage! Or better yet, have a side stage set up where Tina Fey and Amy Poehler can perform interpretive dance to the music while winners are painfully sauntering to accept their award.

BEST: For me the best moment was watching Jared Leto win the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. Here’s a pic of him that the Globes took backstage with his brother, Shannon Leto.

jared leto golden globes

What was your favourite moment of the 71st Annual Golden Globes?


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  1. Dianne / Smilenwaven Reply

    I also loved that awkward hug… Bono letting Diddy know he’s not in same class. Ha!

  2. I started watching the red carpet moments and then got distracted by the kids, I forgot to PRV it. I love Tina and Amy. Now I need to figure out how to watch it online…

    • Hope you can find it online, should be on YouTube in full at some point. Then you can fast forward during the walks to the stage :/

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