As you know, I have partnered with CIL Paint to update my son’s child-to-teen bedroom. It was time for a teen boy bedroom update, and I can’t wait to show you the big reveal!

My almost-12-year-old son requested a WWE-themed room. Since the WWE logo is white, black and red, I wanted to use one of these colours for the room’s walls and décor.

WWE logo

Although my tween-going-on-teen son wanted the walls painted black, or a feature wall in black, I wasn’t keen on going so dark for his teen boy bedroom update. What if we decided to sell the house? We would have to repaint it a light colour, and I wasn’t up for having to paint again possibly in a year or two.

The CIL Paint Colour Visualizer gave me a great idea of what the room would look like, and the dark colour looked too dreary for a kid’s room. By painting the room white, I would be able to paint the WWE logo on the wall above his bed and in other places around the room.

Updating a Kid's Room | amotherworld |

Bedding is also an important feature in any bedroom update, and it’s easy to pull colours from it for paint inspiration. I searched in store and online to find a WWE themed comforter. Apparently, it’s harder than you think to find WWE merchandise in-store here in Canada!

WWE bedding_528x496

I found this lovely duvet cover and pillow set on eBay. Doesn’t the black duvet look striking against the white walls? Once I saw this bedding, I decided we should go with CIL PLUS Eggshell for hallways, family rooms & kids’ rooms in…

CIL white on white

CIL Paint perfect for a kids' bedroom |

White on White 30GY 88/014. I absolutely love LOVE this shade of white, so much so that I am going to have our living and dining space painted in the same shade.

CIL Ask An Expert online service

The CIL Ask An Expert service played a large role in helping me decide how to prepare the room for painting, and how much paint I would need. To be honest, I haven’t painted before! My husband has painted smaller rooms, and we’ve hired professionals to paint larger spaces in our home. But this time, I was ready to take on the challenge but needed some guidance from a CIL Expert. How many coats would I need? Should I use a primer first? What kind of paint would work best for a child’s room? What is the difference between eggshell and flat?

I took the CIL Expert’s advice to apply a CIL PLUS problem solving primer(available exclusively  at RONA) first to cover the mid-tone blue, and then apply two coats of CIL PLUS White on White (30GY 88/014) paint. This paint is specifically formulated for higher-traffic areas such as hallways, family rooms and kids’ rooms plus it is virtually odorless and easy to apply. I wanted to use a paint that has low VOCs – (volatile organic compounds) – so we wouldn’t have to breathe in that new paint smell.

DSC_0233 (800x538)

Teen Boy Bedroom Update: The Big Reveal!

Now for the big reveal! We went from baby boy blue, to fresh and new! Here is the before:


And here is the after:



Brighter and cleaner!

Creating the Stencil

I enlarged the WWE logo on my printer, and printed the image to fit nine pages. Then, I created a stencil by cutting out the area that would be painted black , traced it on the wall with a ruler and pencil and painted it with a thin layer of paint.  Then, I cut out the red strip at the bottom of the logo, traced it, and painted it red.

While the CIL palette does not include a true deep black, as suggested by the CIL Expert I added a 16 oz. of black colourant to an accent base in Dark Secret 00NN 05/000 to get a truer shade of black. Candy Apple 04YR 11/537 also worked well for the red accent in the WWE logo.


I ordered some WWE posters to dress the other walls. And I took an old photo frame insert, painted it black, and added Velcro so I can hang up his WWE belts for easy removal.



Of course, we had to save one wall for my son’s hockey photos and plaques!

Hockey pics_797x568


I swapped out the blue gingham lamp for a taller, black one.

I love the way my son’s room turned out! The CIL paint visualizer tool helped me decide my paint colour choice, before heading to the paint store. The CIL Ask An Expert service helped me feel confident about  my colour and product choices and completing this DIY teen bedroom update by myself. In fact, I may continue my DIY home update, and tackle my younger son’s bedroom and my office next!

So what do you think of this teen boy bedroom update big reveal?

Teen Boy Bedroom Update

Tween Teen Boy Bedroom Update The Big Reveal  | amotherworld |


Visit to receive free personalized advice from the CIL team of experts and  check out #CILAskAnExpert to follow my journey.


Disclosure: This post was brought to you by CIL paint via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed here are all my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support amotherworld.



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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) Reply

    I LOVE it. My 11 year old just told me that he wanted his room updated and he would LOVE this. John Sena (sp?) is his hero.

  2. Great reveal. Looks like an amazing room for any wrestling fan. It’s great how technology can help us see what the room color would look like before we paint it.

  3. Great job, I should say! I know how a teen boy thinks (most of the time anyway) because of my nephew, and it’s perfect for making them feel a bit grown up and respected at the same time. That shall come back to you!

  4. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Whoa! That’s super cool. I didn’t expect it to turn out like that, I’m sure your sun is very happy with the results. It feels rewarding to be able to do something like this for them, isn’t it? You did a superb job, it’s really amazing!

  5. Oh, I can’t imagine that my boy will grow old fast! One day I’ll just wake up and he is already a teen, nice ideas!

  6. Ryan Escat Reply

    My boy is still a toddler so I still got so many years before I get here but you’ve got great ideas for a teen room.

  7. What a great post my 12 years old nephew was a fun of wrestling

  8. Melissa Bernardo Reply

    What a great boy bedroom. I love decorating my sons rooms. So fun!

  9. I think that’s amazing. You did such a great job! My girls would be thrilled to get a makeover for their rooms. It turned out amazing!

  10. Aziel Morte Reply

    Wow what a great bedroom, My 2 boys was still in the toddler stage and I want those design to them when they already a teen

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