Making your home smell welcoming by bringing an outdoor-fresh scent indoors is often a challenge. Opening the windows can only do so much! Although the smell of freshly baked vanilla layered cake offers a wonderful aroma in my house, the baked halibut from the evening before… not so much!

As the seasons change, so does your mood, and that transformation can be reflected in scents that we associate with different times of year: freshness in spring, exotic fruits in summer, pumpkin spice in fall and cranberry and cinnamon in the winter. Fragrances also go hand in hand with distinct memories: the smell of your mom’s cooking or grandma’s apple pie, or the scent of an unforgettable beach vacation. A scent can create an emotional memory for life, which is stronger than any of the other senses.

I remember the distinct smells in my childhood home during Easter. My mom would prepare days in advance, baking an assortment of goodies including Tsoureki, a sweet bread with a distinct smell of μαχλέπι (mahlepi), or Mahlab, an aromatic spice made from the seeds of a species of cherry. You truly can make a house a home with fragrance.

How to Make Your House Smell Welcoming

Imagine a fragrance that constantly changes to mimic real scents like mom’s baking or fresh cut flowers in your home. Air Wick® Life Scents™  collections contain three distinct fragrances that are constantly changing; you can smell each distinct scent but also the three aromaswork together to provide one cohesive fragrance.

Mom’s Baking Scented Oil will bring you back to childhood memories of your mom’s baking, brought to life with this delicious creation of baked pear, pie crust, and vanilla bean notes. With Mom’s Baking, first you smell the vanilla, then a warmer scent of baked pie crust and then the fruity scent of a juicy pear.

Summer Delights Scented Oil brings the delights of summer with a playful fragrance combination of fresh white florals, sweet melon, and subtle vanilla. It’s like bringing the outdoors into your home.

Our noses adapt to scents around us and smell is the perception of odorants by our brains. If there is a constant odorant in the room, our brain starts to perceive it as decreasing in intensity over time, so the smell seems to fade. The constantly changing fragrance technology in Air Wick® Life Scents™ enables one to experience fragrances much. How inviting for guests to come over and be overwhelmed with a changing fragrance, perhaps triggering a memory of their own.

A house isn’t a home until it is in the air. With Air Wick® Life Scents™ you can say what you want through your home. Each Life Scents™ fragrance contains three constantly changing unique scents that let you create your own home experience.

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A scent can create an emotional memory

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Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.

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  1. when my husband first got in my car on our first unofficial date i remember thinking “WOW he smells good” and wondering how i had never noticed before.
    Every time I smell that cologne now I smile and remember 🙂

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