Halloween is right around the corner. Sure, it’s easy to put off getting a Halloween costume and throw something together last minute. But if you want the hottest, most popular Halloween costumes for kids this year, better grab them now before they’re all gone!

Popular Halloween Costume for Teens

Teens like to be involved without too much work usually. The inflatable T-Rex has been seen in viral photos, videos, and just about everywhere this last year. This will be a hit among teens and adults alike. ‘Suicide Squad’ was a big hit, and so was it’s “cutest couple” Harley Quinn and the Joker. As mentioned above, classics are making a huge comeback! There are a number of cute, but not too revealing, cat costumes out there these days! Or, if you want to play it a bit “mad” and hop on the popular gender bending train, try the female Mad Hatter getup. With ‘IT’ and the general infestation in towns across the country, Killer Clowns are a go to costume this year. Marvel’s surge in popularity is not waning anytime soon. Mix it up a bit celebrating Logan with an easy Wolverine costume.

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Inflatable T-Rex

Harley Quinn

Female Mad Hatter

Creepy Clown Mask


2017 Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids

Kids LOVE to dress up. And the hottest things this year are all about the movies. Emojis are going to be very popular following the movie (and general digital culture) with boys and girls both. Girls will want to portray their favorite strong female role models like Moana, Wonder Woman, and Belle. Boys will want to be their awesome but reckless heroes like Maui, Star Lord, and Kylo Ren.



Wonder Woman


Belle from Beauty and the Beast



Star Lord Guardians of the Galaxy


Kylo Ren Star Wars the Force Awakens


2017 Popular Halloween Costumes for Babies

Okay, let’s be honest. Dressing up a baby for Halloween is all about the cute factor. Princesses do not have to have all the fun with the easy and adorable Beast costume. Or you can have an adorable BB-8 rolling around! Set future aspirations with the great astronaut costume or dress your wild child appropriately as Max.

Beast from Beauty and the Beast



Where the Wild Things Are Max



Happy Halloween!

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