by Deborah Lowther

Four months ago a friend and I made a commitment to each other that we were going to workout together. Twice a week.  All winter.  OUTSIDE!  Neither of us had any idea what we were in for, if we could actually do it or how much we would both love it!

I won’t pretend its been all sunshine and roses.  In the beginning we were both thrilled to have found a fitness friend to work out with.  However a few weeks in to our winter bike rides, the temperatures and strong wind threatened to challenge us, but we peddled on!

This commitment we made to ourselves and each other has certainly shown us both what we are made of.  Winter is cold, its windy, its dreary, it snows, it freezes, it melts, we are tired, we have kids, we are busy, we are normal!  Some days you just don’t want to put three layers of clothes on knowing your face will freeze while sweat is dripping down your back.

You remember the exhaustion you felt getting up that last hill on the country roads and you’re not sure where the energy will come from to conquer it today.  But our commitment to each other has been stronger than those little voices inside trying to talk us out of heading outside for our Winter Workout.

We have pushed through when we didn’t think we could. We have met regardless of the temperature or wind chill.  We have survived frozen toes, dirty bikes, faulty water bottles, a tiny crash, mud puddles, icy patches and 40km/h winds.  We have seen snow and frozen ground and adjusted our routes by taking to country roads if trails are too icy or pulled on hiking boots if a fresh layer of snow greats us when we wake up on riding days.

We have gotten so much stronger on our bikes – remarking just last week about all the spots we used to stop for a rest, where now we just stop to snap photos of our new animal friends on our trails.  We have been impressed with the challenges we have faced, and thrilled with how awesome we have felt afterwards.

We have learned a lot about each other too.  We are a determined duo – neither one will be the first to cancel our workout date; neither will let the other down!  We are dependable – on time, dressed right, ready to ride, every single week.  We both have our strengths – on flat ground I can move, but on a downhill, that girl whizzes past me!

We’ve had our moments – climbing off our bikes to walk that darn hill we just can’t make it up and nursing sore muscles as our legs adjust to the workouts.

We’ve had our injuries – don’t tangle with tree roots unless both hands are firmly grasping the handlebars (ouch)! We’ve had our laughs – newspaper paparazzi caught one of us ‘unidentified cyclists’ in action! And we have witnessed some of the most spectacularly glorious mornings as we cycle on the roads, by the lake, through the trails, along the creeks, and past the barns in the sunshine, the wind and the snow.

Most of all, we have pride in knowing that we have DONE IT! We have spent four months outside huffing and puffing against the wind, with snow in our face, dirt up our backs and the glow in our cheeks that only an outdoor Winter Workout can give you.  Thank you my friend!

Do you know what are you made of?


Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails! She blogs about Raising Healthy Kids and ensures her own have fun while eating healthy & staying active.  You can visit her websites to learn more and



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  1. It’s not easy to get out in the blustery weather, but it’s so worth it. I love this resolution. Go you!

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