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After having kids, what do you use for birth control?  Does mom go on the pill? IUD? Or does dad use condoms?  Get snipped?

I had tried a few options but I was honestly tired of putting more drugs into my body.  Condoms are not full proof either.

So what is the best birth control after kids? His turn!

I wanted to share my own husband’s thoughts on the matter.

He got the snip snip – yes, a vasectomy.

And he’s thrilled about it and thinks all men should do it too.


“I work all day, I can’t come home and do everything for a month while my wife recovers.”

What???  Can’t do everything for a month??? Dog house!

“It’s easier for the man than it is for the woman.  Women will be laid up in bed for a long day and men will end up having to do more around the house for a good month!  It was more for selfish reasons…”

Grrrr!  Time for a big ear-pull.

But before you judge and call him a jerk, my husband is a bit of  huge jokester.  He is really just kidding.

This is what he really means:

“For me, it’s only a 40-minute procedure, three days later and I’m fine.  Best thing I’ve ever done.

All you feel is a little bit of tugging and pulling. After I got up, I had to walk a little bit slower because it was a touch sensitive. When I got home, I iced my private areas with a frozen bag of peas – it really works because it contours everything, if you know what I mean.

I had to wear tight Jockey’s because if you don’t, it’ll feel like you have a bad toothache.

I took one day off work and by the third day, I was shovelling the snow.

It’s the least I could do since I’ve seen her vagina stretch 10 cm.”




There you have it.



Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. Dianne/Smilenwaven Reply

    This brought back a memory that made me LOL! The ex also went for the above reasons. The only horror was when he heard the Dr. says ooops! Made the incision too long and he ‘said’ it bothered him later!

  2. Diane’s comment is cracking me up – you never ever want to hear a doctor say oops.

    Having a hysterectomy is major surgery while a vasectomy is a relatively simple procedure. In my mind it’s a no brainer.

  3. Should probably be anonymous on this post… oh well.. – my husband, though fantastic with the kids, who absolutely doesn’t want any more, and who has seen the “stretch” – 100% refuses to do it. I can’t understand as he’s so willing to discuss almost everything. So I’m on the pill, libido is zero as a result, maybe that will turn him around…

    • He must be afraid of the procedure. Maybe he if heard how simple it is from a male friend, it might help? I tried a few other options but they all affected me negatively. I finally said, “I’m done”. So condoms it was… but they aren’t 100% and we knew we didn’t want any more children. The V was the only other option. He decided to do it – I didn’t force him! LOL

  4. In our marriage it was a no brainer too. When I got pregnant with our third child (WHILE I WAS ON THE PILL!) we knew birth control was no longer working for us. We also knew that having my tubes tied was only an option if I had a c-section and it could be done at the same time (which I did not). My husband clearly knew it was his turn. He never argued about it, never questioned why he had to do it, he just knew that if he wanted to have worry-free marital relations he needed to have a short procedure. Which he did. No complications and very little pain.

    • Well said. Same situation here – other options failed and condoms were still too risky as we knew we were done. My DH also decided that he would do it and he is very happy that he did. And so am I!

  5. Steve aka greenleafwood Reply

    Sorry I am late to the vasectomy party. Here’s the thing…

    Having a vasectomy was the best thing I ever did for our sex life. Seriously, no worries after you have the sperm-count test a month or so after the procedure. It’s a simple thing. Anyone worried about pain, answer this… Have you ever pulled a hamstring? THAT IS FAR WORSE!!!!!

    A hysterectomy is major surgery. Guys, give me one GOOD reason not to get snipped?

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  7. Love that you shared his experience. And certainly after giving birth multiple times…a snip is a small price to keep all things equal.

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