Two years ago, we had a brutal winter. Tons of snow. Because I live in a newer subdivision and the homes are literally stuck together, there wouldn’t be any room to spread out the snow so it would have to be dumped into a huge mountain on my tiny front lawn.

But this year, winter has been pretty damn good so far. The lack of sun has been a little depressing. My face looks so pasty that I’m tempted to go to a fake ‘n bake, even if it means I’ll end up looking orange like Snooky on Jersey Shore.

We can’t complain. There haven’t been too many nostril-hairs-sticking-together kind of freezing cold days so far up here in the Toronto area.

Are you the type that constantly whines about winter?

Make the best of it! Get out there and enjoy some winter activities. Skating, skiing, sledding, snowshoeing…even snowboarding for those brave ones. Throw on your warmest parka and wrap your head in a wooly scarf and off you go!

Hmmm, braving the cold and exercising at the same time?

Although I love the idea of looking like a chic snow bunny, my body would be trembling under that not-so-fashionable snow suit.

Hitting the slopes? Sliding down a steep hill at 60 km an hour, heading right for that tree?

I’d rather picture myself lounging in the ski lodge by the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate and nibbling on bon bons while getting a foot rub. Or make that a hot apple cider spiked with vodka.

Really, I am one of those people who appreciates the winter season. I love skating especially and get a kick out of watching the Boss play hockey.

There is something peaceful about watching the snowfall. Driving through the country roads is something my whole family enjoys, and seeing the landscape covered in white is breathtaking.

BUT – I suffer from the winter blues. Amazing how the lack of daylight can seriously alter your mood. It’s like having PMS all winter long.

Here are 10 Tips on How to Kick Winter’s Butt!

beating the winter blues

1. Embrace winter!

Go skating, take up snowboarding, whatever!  There is nothing you can do to change the fact that it’s winter so find a way to enjoy and embrace what winter has to offer.

2.  Get Organized

Don’t wait until spring to do some spring cleaning – start early. Organize your closet and donate some of your old clothes or give your kitchen a fresh coat of paint – in a bright colour.

3. Take your Vitamins

Remember to take your multi-vitamins, especially extra Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

4. Watch Beach-Themed Movies and TV Shows

Hawaii Five-O, Miami Vice or Baywatch re-runs to make you dream of a warm, sunny place (with some hot bods running on the beach).

5. Book a Holiday

Better yet, if you can manage, book a winter holiday, even just for a long weekend. Even better, plan a Girls Only weekend at a spa.

6. Move Your Body

Get your butt off that couch and shake your body. Exercise can give you that boost of feel-good chemicals that can improve your mood.

7. Sleep

If you can’t get up, sleep in. Some extra zzzzzzz’s might be exactly what you need.

8. Try Light Therapy

Try light therapy such as the Philips Wake up Light and goLITE BLU. These light therapy products are supposed to boost your energy by using the unique health benefits light offers.

9. Have a Party

Throw a St. Patrick’s Day party so you can have something fun to plan for March… and start drinking early.

10. Get Outdoors

Don’t be a wimp – bundle up and get outdoors. Make snow angels with your kids. Help them build a snowman. If you need some therapy, throw some big snowballs at your spouse – aim for the face.

11. Take up a Winter Sport

Don’t just look like a snow bunny, be one. Take up skiing. Book a weekend with the family at a ski lodge. Then pretend you’re not feeling well… and while the rest of the family hits those terrifying slopes, you can sneak away to that snug armchair by the fire.


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. singlemomma Reply

    LOVE this! I totally have the winter blues that I need to kick….Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. I agree, I've been feeling rather blue-ish lately and there were some great ideas. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Great ideas! Our winters are very mild compared to yours but we still haven't seen the sun in days!

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