Bobbi Kristina will inherit all of her late mother’s assets, according to Whitney Houston’s will which was published Wednesday.

Houston was found dead on February 11 in a Los Angeles hotel room at the age of 48.  Many suspect Houston died of a cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol, although official results from her autopsy are not expected for several weeks.

Now that the shock has settled following the death of Whitney Houston, it’s important to look at how people reacted.  Her supporters weeped for her loss; others were apathetic and blamed her drug abuse.

Why did people care so much?

“Whitney was very much the girl next door, America’s sweetheart, and American’s heartache all wrapped into one. People were rooting for her recovery ever since her ‘comeback’ and broadcast interview with Oprah where she revealed she was sober and was on the road to recovery.  I think many addicts and or people who have ever struggled with addiction and abuse also related to her on a very close and personal level,” says Dawn Christie, Holistic healer and celebrity interventionist.

Celebrities live every moment in the public eye and to intense scrutiny.  Imagine the entire world watching your life unfold on television or in the tabloids.  Being in the public eye comes with many benefits obviously, however it opens to door to criticism and judgment.  Add a battle with addiction to the mix and it becomes even more difficult.

Many of Christie’s clients who are celebrities experience similar levels of scrutiny and negativity.  There is also a very strong stigma on addicts in society and they are often judged unfairly.

“When we see famous people with addiction problems, we have a tendency to turn their struggles and failures into our entertainment and we fail to remember that these are real people, with real feelings and real demons. They need privacy and they need support just like anyone else,” says Christie.

Some of the comments and discussions surrounding Houston’s death were very cruel and apathetic.  Why did many turn on Houston after hearing of her death?

“In Whitney’s case, many people (herself included) felt her voice was gift from God. Abusing drugs and putting herself through such debilitating circumstances, in some people’s eyes was the equivalent to throwing a gift from God down the drain. Many people interpreted her actions as reckless and negligent. Some might even resent her for ‘squandering’ a gift so few people are blessed to ever have.”

“This happens a lot with celebrities who battle addiction in the public eye. Not only are they struggling with their inner-turmoil, but they also have to absorb all the misplaced judgments, negativity and criticism of the public. Too often than not, the pressure weighs very heavily and can actually make the addictive behaviors worse.”

The problem is magnified when critics slam an addict’s behaviour and actions.

“Critics fail to realize that they themselves, the media and the fans all have the power to help and heal artists like Whitney Houston who are in trouble through love and understanding, not criticism and glorifying their/her disease of being an addict.  They need to speak up and shine light on the problem when they see a celebrity in trouble and not just poke fun at them.”

“Look at Anna Nicole Smith, Amy Winehouse, Brittney Murphy and now Whitney Houston.  Society criticized and made fun of these women being too skinny, being on drugs and binge drinking but never stepped up and said we love you as artists and don’t want to lose you so clean up your act.

Christie works with people to help them understand their mission, and help them realize who they are and the importance of why they are born.

“If these celebrities with tragic endings were spiritually connected and truly understood the importance of the gift they were given, then they would never infect their bodies, souls and minds with drugs.”


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. There’s just such incredible pressure on so many of these celebrities. I think Whitney Houston’s death was a tragic loss. Just hope her daughter is okay in the long-term.

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