After the Bachelor finale aired Monday night, the question is, who did Ben choose?

Ben Flajnik chose model Courtney Robertson over down to earth Lindzi Cox!

Did Lindzi or any other bachelorette for that matter, even stand a chance?

Ben fell head over heels with Courtney right from the very beginning, despite the red flags and warnings from the other girls in the house.

Is there even any point in watching considering there are tons of spoilers?  Reality Steve posted photos of the final rose ceremony and posted on his blog; reports that Courtney and Ben already split have been made; and even sightings of Ben with another woman.

Courtney herself flubbed on The Women Tell All show, saying “I cared about Ben, I still do”.

But, in the After the Rose show, we hear the truth from Ben and Courtney as to what really happened following the taping of the last episode.

Courtney explained to host Chris Harrison that they were doing wonderfully as a couple for a month following the taping of the final episode and were engaged.  But once the show starting airing, Courtney’s behaviour with the other women made Ben upset.  He “abandoned” Courtney, and while she tried to reach out to him, he didn’t respond.

She wasn’t even wearing the ring when the After the Rose show started, likely a Bachelor trick to increase the drama.

Ben had a chance to speak, in between tears… he was upset that their beautiful moments were spoiled by everyone around them.

If you were curious to know, Ben and Courtney are still together and still engaged.

As for the other woman Ben was seen with?  Old photos that the tabloids got their hands on!

So there you go!


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