by Shannon Lintott

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2012 already feels like ages ago for most. Regardless, with the Oscar buzz in the air, it seems that everyone is feeling the upcoming awards season with a new sense of excitement.

Now is the time to playing catch up on television and movie news and TIFF always has a stack of successful movies – either regarding directors, actors, screenplays or all of the above. Here are movies that are exploding with hype and anticipation for some possible Oscar nominations:

best TIFF films 2012

1. Antiviral

2. Argo

3. Artifact

best TIFF 2012 films

4. Blackbird

5. Call Girl

best Toronto festival films 2012

6. Cloud Atlas

7. The Master

Best TIFF 2012 Films

8. Moonrise Kingdom

9. Seven Psychopaths

best 2012 TIFF films

10. Silver Linings Playbook


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