After 25 years and 4,561 episodes, Oprah Winfrey bid farewell to her daytime talk show.

“There are no words to match this moment,” she said on the final episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The final episode had no guests, no celebrities – just Oprah herself – which was a perfect way to say goodbye.

After all, Winfrey was an inspiration to so many people for the past 25 years and has taught us so much, brought so many issues to light, opened the door for so many women.

Her final episode was her ultimate platform to thank her fans and share some of her wisdom.

Here are some of her inspiring quotes from her final episode.

It is no coincidence that I always wanted to be a teacher. I ended up with the greatest classroom in the world. And this, my friends, will be our last class for this stage.

Nobody but you is responsible for your life. You are responsible for your life. What is your life? What is all life? What is every flower, every rock, every tree? Energy. And you’re responsible for the energy you create for yourself, and you’re responsible for the energy that you bring to others.

Don’t wait for someone else to complete you. ‘Jerry Maguire’ was just a movie.

Live from the heart of yourself.

I wait and listen to the guidance that is bigger than my meagre mind.

The only time I ever make mistakes is when I don’t listen.

What are the whispers that are in your life right now? And will you hear it? Your life is speaking to you right now. What is it saying?

I believe every single event in life that happens is an opportunity to choose love over fear.

There’s a difference between thinking you deserve to be happy and knowing that you are worthy of being happy. Your being alive makes worthiness your birthright. You alone are enough.

I’ve talked to nearly 30,000 people on this show, and all 30,000 had one thing in common — they all wanted validation. … They want to know, do you hear me? Do you see me? Does what I say mean anything to you?

This is what I was called to do…Everybody has a calling, and your real job in life is to find it.

I’m talking about the same one you’re talking about. The Alpha and Omega. The Omniscience, the Omnipresent, the Ultimate Consciousness, the Source, the Force, the All of Everything There Is, the one and only G-O-D.

You also have to know what sparks the light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world. You have the power to change somebody’s life.

I’m truly amazed that I, who started out in rural Mississippi in 1954, when the vision for a black girl was limited to being either a maid or a teacher in a segregated school, could end up here. It is no coincidence that a lonely little girl [and here Oprah tears up] who felt not a lot of love, even though my parents and grandparents did the best they could — it is no coincidence that I grew up to feel genuine kindness, affection, validation and trust from millions of you all over the world. From you whose names I will never know, I learned what love is. You and this show have been the great love of my life.

Well, I say, all sweet, no bitter. And here’s why. Many of us have been together for 25 years. We have hooted and hollered together, had our a-ha moments, we ugly-cried together and we did our gratitude journals. So I thank you all for your support and your trust in me. I thank you for sharing this yellow brick road of blessings. …I thank you for being as much of a sweet inspiration for me as I’ve tried to be for you. I won’t say goodbye. I’ll just say, until we meet again. To God be the glory.



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