What are your New Year’s Eve plans? Do you prefer to stay home with some family and friends or go out for a night on the town?

Here are some New Years Eve party ideas and get inspired… or not!

Make plans early

When you have kids, it’s hard to make plans early, especially if your kids are prone to getting sick around the holidays (like mine).  But scrambling to make New Year’s Eve plans last minute is never any fun. Avoid the stress by deciding as soon as possible. Make your reservations early to avoid disappointment.

Host a potluck dinner

Going out to eat may not be the best idea. Getting a reservation can be tricky to begin with, and restaurants tend to charge quite a bit on New Year’s Eve. Instead of the expense and added stress, host a casual dinner party at home and ask each of your friends to bring a favorite dish.  Less stress + more food = fun times.

Play the Host

If you’re hosting… Make sure you stock up your New Year’s Eve decorations and paraphernalia early so you’re not running around last minute. Good dollar stores are great for these items – if you have enough time to get creative, make your own printables and decorations. You’ll definitely want some noisemakers and party hats and confetti. Don’t forget a full bar and of course, champagne!

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Keep your Friends Safe

If you’re hosting and know that some of your guests live far away, have some extra pyjamas on hand in case they need to crash at your place.


Whether you’re watching the countdown in Times Square or not, have cards and game boards handy too.  A karaoke machine is also a fun way to spend the evening, or if you have kids, set up the Wii or Rock Band so you can entertain your guests with fun, interactive games.

If it’s an adult-only party, well then play some funky music and let the drinks flow! Or bust out the ole Twister game and get completely awkward and inappropriate!

Choose a Theme

If you’re hosting a party, why not do a theme? Try a casino night theme or old Hollywood glam, disco or celebrity look-a-like.  Once you’ve chosen a theme, the rest – decorations, music, cocktails – will come easy.

Don’t Drink and Drive

We don’t want to preach but it’s so important to choose a designated driver if you’re going out on the town.  Better yet, take a cab or even book a hotel – anything that doesn’t involve getting on the road.  If you’re hosting a house party, remember that you are also responsible for serving liquor.  Provide a place to crash if some of your friends aren’t able to drive.

Stay safe and have fun! Happy New Year!


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Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women.

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