Did you watch the 2011 Grammy Awards?  There were a ton of performances, with a few awards handed out in between.

Lady Gaga arrived at tonight’s Grammy Awards in the wackiest “outfit” ever.  No, she didn’t walk the red carpet in another meat dress. Or wrapped in bacon. 

This time, she didn’t even walk the red carpet. She was carried… She showed up completely enclosed in an artificial egg and carried.

Inside the egg, Lady Gaga was wearing a black outfit and had with her an oxygen mask, air tank, and a cooling fan.  It can get warm inside an egg, you know.

Gaga then performed her new single, “Born This Way”, and came out of her shell, so to speak.  But her performance was a lot less tame than I expected!

A feel-good song, that many have compared to Madonna’s “Express Yourself”, this is not the Gaga that I love… the performance and song was very mainstream!  THAT was shocking!

The fact that Lady Gaga was NOT shocking was shocking!

As for the awards part of the evening, there were a few upsets. BIG surprises.

Eminem didn’t win Best Album of the year, losing out to Canadian rock band Arcade Fire.

Recovery was Eminem’s highly-anticipated comeback album and he finally redeemed himself after his last two albums.  His track with Rihanna “Love the Way you Lie” was a HUGE hit.

So why didn’t he win Album of the Year?

What were the Grammy voting members thinking?

Although I’m a fan of Arcade Fire, and not just because they are from Canada, I thought Eminem should have won this category.  He so deserved to win!  His performance at the Grammys was absolutely amazing too, rocking da house with Dr. Dre.

Another upset: Justin Bieber and Drake losing out to Esperanza Spalding.

The 26-year-old jazz bassist who snatched the Best New Artist Grammy out of the hands of Justin Bieber and Drake, has been making headlines in the jazz world since before her 2006 debut solo album.

Did you read that?  2006!  It’s 2011!  What makes her a “best new artist”???

Justin Bieber has been all over the place!  Perhaps the Grammy voting members didn’t feel he should win a Grammy so early in his career – the 16-year-old needs to work a little harder and longer before winning that honour? 

But the category is “best new artist”, not “best new performer”… and many would argue that although Bieber is a cutie patootie, he’s a better performer than an artist.

But what about Drake?  He could’ve won it…

The 2011 Grammy Awards were big for the ladies — country trio Lady Antebellum took home the most awards with five, while Lady Gaga earned three. Eminem had two honors, but Alternative Rock group Arcade Fire won the coveted Album of the Year.

The Grammys ended with many scratching their heads.  What do you think?

Videos of Lady Gaga and Eminem performing at the 2011 Grammys:




Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. I was shocked that Beiber didn’t win. He is a great performer, and artist. Though still very young, he deserved best new artist. I’d have to agree with you on Best Album as well, Eminem has made an amazing album, and his performance was off the charts!

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