Every summer, a trip to Canada’s Wonderland is a must. It’s tradition, no question. But since having kids, we’ve opted for seasons passes – it just makes more sense for us. It’s fun to be spontaneous and hop in the car and head over to the park for a few hours after dinner, or when the park opens until about lunch time.

Now that my kids are older, they can ride some of the larger roller coasters – The Bat, Flight Deck and Vortex. But we still love some of the oldies-but-goodies like Dragon Fire, Minebuster and Wild Beast.

Canada's Wonderland

I love how Canada’s Wonderland introduces a new ride so often! Behemoth and Leviathan were introduced in recent years. Now, the park has introduced yet another new ride – Wonder Mountain’s Guardian.

Canada's Wonderland win tickets

This innovative ride is set to thrill riders with exciting roller coaster elements, and stunning interactive 3D animation. The journey begins with a perilous climb up the side of the park’s iconic Wonder Mountain. From there, riders will plummet into the core of the mountain and travel on 1,000 feet (305M) of coaster track through five different layers of a 3-Dimensional world, battling mythical creatures while in search of a king’s lost treasure. The quest will culminate as riders enter the dragon’s lair for the ultimate battle with a heart stopping finale that will shock thrill seekers of all ages.

Wonder Mountain’s Guardian

Construction on the new ride began in August 2013, with over 150 crew members working throughout the off-season to get the ride ready for May 2014. Montreal based Triotech designed and manufactured the interactive multi-media entertainment platform that includes the ride’s incredible 3D animation, as well as the projection, sound, and special effects. The ride features the Longest Interactive Screen in the world, measuring 500 feet long (152M), and 13 feet high (4M)!

Wonder Mountain’s Guardian is the park’s 17th rollercoaster, adding another unique thrill to the already diverse collection of coasters that Canada’s Wonderland is known for.


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  1. michelle tremblett Reply

    The animation looks amazing, love rides that out of the box, the kids would love it 🙂

  2. i have not been on a ride in years so it would be scary/exciting to go again

  3. Megan Bailey Barnecutt Reply

    I’m excited for a brand new ride that starts on Wonder Mountain! So exciting!

  4. The 3D animation! These are always my favourite kinds of rides

  5. Darlene Schuller Reply

    Without a doubt the 3D Animation, my husband is over at his computer just twitching as I’m telling him about it.


    mythical creatures, lost treasure, what is there not to be excited about! Love that it is 3d and a thrill ride. Awesome!

  7. I’ve always thought they should have a ride inside the mountain! Looking forward to seeing how different this is from the other rides there.

  8. never been on any kind of 3d animation ride before, this would be an experience

  9. Victoria Sit Reply

    I am excited because I love rides and the 3D element is also cool!

    • Victoria Ess Reply

      I am excited because I love rides and the 3D element is also cool!

  10. 4-D is great – especially the first time your try it! I experienced it in BC and loved it!

  11. I love the 3D animation! Can’t wait to try to get top score amongst all other players 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  12. It sounds like an amazing ride. The most exciting part for me would be if I could actually get up enough nerve to get on it! 🙂

  13. Hibbat Tariq Reply

    the fact that it is a new ride and I haven’t been on it, excites me! Whenever a new ride would open at Wonderland, we’d get there super early and make sure we got on that ride first! My niece would love this. Also, the fact that it is 3d animated gets me excited!!! thanks for the chance

  14. The ride features the Longest Interactive Screen in the world, measuring 500 feet long (152M), and 13 feet high (4M) excites me..

  15. i haven’t been in 20 years. everything about it will probably excite me.

  16. New ride or old ride, I’m excited about going to Toronto and seeing it all! It will all be new to me and the family and that is exciting.

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