by Mariana Morales

On Wednesday night, after a two-hour special with many surprising appearances, Scotty McCreery, the 17-year old country singer, became Season 10’s American Idol.

With over 122 million votes, it was a nerve-wracking time for both McCreery and finalist Lauren Alaina. They remained close friends throughout the entire season, and shared a kiss at the end when the winner was revealed.

Many of the finalists also appeared during the show performing various songs as well as many popular singers. Comedian and singer Jack Black appeared unexpectedly singing along with Casey Abrams.

The Top 13 Girls sang some of Beyonce’s famous songs and then Beyonce herself appeared performing with them. The fierce diva performed later debuting ‘1+1’, a song from her forthcoming album ‘4.’

In a similar order, the Top 13 Boys sang various songs from Tom Jones and he actually came out on stage singing ‘It’s Not Unusual.’

Throughout the show, they added humour by showcasing some of the moments that the judges had in the season. Randy said the phrase “in it to win it” to many contestants, and they showed a montage of how many times he had said it. Jennifer Lopez wins the hearts of many of the male contestants, and Steven Tyler’s quirky sayings and behavior.

Marc Anthony also performed along with Jennifer Lopez dancing around. Lady Gaga made an appearance performing a song from her new album ‘Born This Way.’

Before Ryan Seacrest announced the winner, the surprising ending everyone was waiting for, was a song by Steven Tyler. Without the band, he sang “Dream On” and hit those high notes no problem.

You could see the nervousness in both Lauren and Scotty’s eyes before Ryan announced the winner. The audience screamed in happiness and stood on their feet when Scotty was announced as the next American Idol.

He hugged his family, all his friends, and thanked the crowd. Scotty truly has a musical career waiting for him.

Watch Scotty and Lauren perform “I Told You So”.

Mariana Morales is a full-time student at Conestoga College studying Print Journalism. She enjoys photography and is a volunteer at the Snap KW newspaper. What makes her different? She loves video games. In her spare time, she writes articles for a gaming website called Hooked Gamers. She hopes one day to work in the video game industry.


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