Dear Twitter,

It’s not you, it’s me.

Or is it you, Twitter?

You see, I can’t help but feel that Twitter is like a new boyfriend in your life – you’re excited to get to know him, flirt for a while and learn new things about him which keeps you coming back for more.

But once you’ve reached that point, that comfort zone if you will, you’ve learned all there is to know and suddenly the thrill is gone.

And then you go back to Facebook to check in.

Has my love affair with Twitter wavered?

I hate to say it and it pains me immensely but similar feelings are starting to surface with Pinterest.  Shhhh!  Bite my tongue you say?

Yes… I’m really trying to deny it but it’s starting to feel like Pinterest is just another boyfriend who is losing his sparkly appeal.

Not to say that these silly social media “relationships” haven’t matured… into a deeper love, of course… but I can’t help but feel this way.

Do I just get bored too easily?  Perhaps I’m just suffering from social media fatigue.

The undeniable truth is that Twitter has “changed”.

There isn’t as much of that fun, organic conversation that there once used to be.  In the early days, it was all about connection, engagement and conversation – not promotion and selling and the ‘brand’.

Maybe it’s just as simple as reducing the ‘noise’ and filtering out all the ‘junk’.

Is it just me or is Twitter starting to lose its mojo?



Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. Yes and yes. I’m kind of over Twitter and Pinterest. I haven’t really been that into Twitter for 6 months. I post occasionally, but the conversations don’t happen. As for Pinterest, I just go there now to search recipes or how-tos. The days of spending hours repinning are over for me.

    I’m OK with it, though. I still have Facebook.

  2. Twitter no longer excites me. I forget to check it constantly. I’ve always had a flighty relationship with Pinterest, and Facebook is where my heart lies.

  3. I agree. Twitter used to be about interaction and conversation with others. Now it is more about promoting yourself, your blog, your brand and your product. Its fine if you only want to read the links. They can be very interesting. But if you are looking for interaction its not really there anymore.Honestly Fb is the same thing and pinterest was never interactive

  4. Yes, yes and more yes!! I couldn’t agree more, and I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one who feels that way. Interesting though, Facebook has never really lost it’s allure. I think it’s because there is more control oner the feed. Or at least control in a different way.

  5. I find, honestly, that the CONVERSATION on Facebook is so much better. I write the same thing on Twitter and get a big old pile of crickets, but on Facebook I get a full conversation between people who don’t even know each other, but all know me. It’s wonderful. I absolutely love what I get from Facebook…and Twitter, well, I really use it primarily for clicking over to blog posts. I don’t think the medium is good for having conversations…it’s better for sharing.

  6. You are so spot on. JUST TODAY I logged on to Twitter for the first time in a few weeks and was saddened by all the tweets advertising to me. I felt like unfollowing but then just logged off. There was virtually no conversation going on. I will have to take some time each day and start to unfollow. I think a smaller follow list of people I really want to hear from will help. Oh and I am also constantly on FB. Love it the best.

    • But then you wonder, how much time do I really want to spend unfollowing people? Is it pointless?

  7. I do thnk that there is a lot more selling and a lot less talking right new on Twitter. I’m hoping that it will change back as people start to see it, but I don’t know. It just feels like some people are only interests in connecting with someone who might have connections to “hook them up” and have no desire to actually get to know new people. It’s actually a bit sad, as there are some really amazing people that I’ve gotten to connect with on Twitter.

  8. Agree…it makes me tired…….I had a twitter cleanse lately and unfollowed a ton of people that never “chatted” anymore…I felt lighter…

    It certainly is nothing like it used to be…many times it feels like work…

  9. Twitter as a messaging eccosystem has not changed but the content has. Fun discussions are more difficult to start or find because the people that typically engage are less interested. Why? For several reasons I expect. I’m seeing a significant increase in automated tweets…people linking their account with automated services to get their retweet counts up. I have found a significant increase in product promotions, contests, etc. Generally, there seems to be less content of interest or we simply can’t see it through the fog.

    In my opinion, Facebook has gotten even worse for this.

    Finally, I, like many I expect, are getting SM fatigued. Like drinking your favourite drink but through a fire hose.

    Time to meditate 😉

    • Interesting how you find Facebook to be worse! Most comments show people still enjoy engaging on Facebook. Yes, a regular break from SM is the only way for me to deal these days 😉

  10. i actually think twitter hasn’t changed. we did.
    we keep trying to make social media tools something they’re not : things that respond to our wants and expectations.
    I’m still having conversations with people on twitter, arguably more so than before. but i choose that by maintaining a certain # of people I follow. I did the same for facebook, when things got out of hand, I found my comfort level (150-120 friends max). i’m doing the same w/ pinterest and google_, and did so before w/ flickr and ages ago with my space.
    the balancing equation is : find your comfort level, do what *you* want to do on the tools knowing that each has limits and understand that your own expectations change w/ the rise of information coming about the different uses for each channel.
    Yes, there are loads of people pushing their blogs/brands/initiatives on Twitter, but you can choose to unfollow and keep a group of people that actually engage in conversation. You can also use lists to follow people that are of interest to you in terms of tweets but that do not engage in conv’s. I do so for journalists and other “celebrities” – no need to hear their every plug, but i do check in when i have time or interest.

    just my bit on that 😉

    • I use a few lists as well – to filter out the noise. When I have time, I will look at my regular news feed – often find some gems there that I wouldn’t normally… and then I’ll add them to one of my lists.
      Thanks for commenting!

  11. Timely commentary as I was just having this conversation with someone last night on Twitter after we had both been absent for awhile. I’m definitely more loyal to FB as I consider it more personal, having limited my friends to those whom I consider to be, well, friends. I usually breeze through Twitter and once in a while a blurb will catch my eye and I pop in a reply. I like engaging but if I feel a lull I just back off.

  12. Interesting. You are not the only one feeling this Social Media fatigue. It happens from time to time.

    I think you get out of it what you put into it, though, and I still have lots of connections with real people not “brands” or “numbers”.

    I enjoy connecting, sharing and chatting with my “tweeps”. I haven’t put any undue expectations on Twitter and maybe that is why I find it is still useful and interesting.

    Maybe we all just need to keep it in its place? It isn’t the be all and end all. It is one of many choices.

    Great post! 😀

    • You’re right, you get out of it what you put into it… and some days I have more energy than others!

  13. I might not be able to offer a proper comparison about Twitter before and now because I’ve only recently arrived at the party. I’m not at the 1000s of followers or followed stage, but I find that I enjoy engaging in conversations with many people I do follow and who follow me. It’s doesn’t happen every day, but it’s enjoyable when it does. I also use Twitter as a means to click over to content I enjoy reading and agree that my least favourite part is the contest & autobot tweets that come through.
    My newbie verdict…it’s fun and I engage people with whom I can have conversations with.

  14. I’ve recently had to become more active in the social media sphere for work and really find myself a lot more tired and irritable. When I’m hanging out with my boyfriend or friends I find myself reaching for my phone to update our blog or Facebook page and I end up missing out on the movie I’m watching or conversation everyone’s having.

    Too much multitasking.

  15. Twitter has always been about filtering out the noise. It’s still a power platform for meeting people of like mind, but you have to have a filtering and connecting plan and stick to it. thanks! Bret

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