Tomorrow, my baby boy turns 3!

Daniel, my youngest, aka The Destroyer, has earned his title well. From a sweet little monkey to an energizer bunny, I’ve so enjoyed watching him develop his fierce personality.

How do I describe my little one? Zany, funny, chatty, bold, sweet, territorial, and my favourite, a momma’s boy.


6 mo

When Daniel was born, I would look into his cute little face and wonder, what kind of personality would he have? How different would he be from his big brother?

It’s just a joy and pleasure to see him grow and blossom into this amazing little boy.

January has been his month – he started pre-school and very successfully, I might add. He also started skating lessons, after having watched his big brother for so many, it’s finally his turn.

1 year

2 years

He also turns three – a milestone age, in my eyes. The toddler phase is completely gone but he still has some of that “baby look” left (at least for another few months). He’s out of diapers and training pants and fully potty trained. He speaks in complete sentences and tells imaginative stories. He is now officially a pre-schooler.

2 1/2

2 3/4

To make it official, I said a tearful goodbye to his change table, baby bedding (we bought at and some of his baby clothes and toys (the most sentimental I kept). The Destroyer is on his way to independence. But even though he’s off and running, I know that he’ll be back in mommy’s arms, even just for a little while.

Here is a cute little video of his zany personality (when he was 2 1/2)

Happy Birthday Danny 🙂 I love you!


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. A Crafty Mom Reply

    Yay!! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little man – hope he has a fantastic day 🙂

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