Here is my first vlog post!  Of course, with all the talk about the upcoming 2010 BlogHer in New York City, I had to respond… and I didn’t feel like writing it. So instead of putting fingers to the keyboard, I busted out my video camera and voila!  Go easy on me :/


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. You are so cute Maria. Can I say that last year around this time (right before BlogHer, I mean) Twitter was on fire with all the BlogHer talk in Chicago. It was sooo hard to be on Twitter hearing about everyone going, the parties, the fun, the swag… it was downright depressing! On top of that I was convinced everyone would go, bond, and forget about my blog and other bloggers like me who weren’t there. I was sure the week after BlogHer, no one would read my blog anymore because I wasn’t at BlogHer. But that was not the case. Nothing changed; even more friendships were formed online. It sucked seeing BlogHer tweets during the actual event too, but there were still tons of people to talk to online. I’m glad I’m going this year, but I wanted to say I hear ya, and I’ve felt that way before too. Would have loved for you to have been there this year. But there is always next year! (Depending on where it’ll be!) Hope to meet you in TO soon mama! Filakia polla! xoxo

  2. Like Loukia says… you’re SO cute! I’m not even a blogger and I’m a little jealous over the twts flying out there, SO I can imagine you are pissed! Don’t worry g/f… we’ll be at twting together, jealous as hell and I REALLY do hope someone scoops you a swag bag! #fingerscrossed

  3. victoria weiss Reply

    Great Vlog.
    I HEAR YA.
    Im not going either.
    BOO HOO.
    However I know deep down its not the end all, be all…there’s lots of
    bloggers who arent going. (I think…LOL).

  4. OMG, I feel exactly the same way! I’m gonna vlog about it too I think…

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  6. Ahhh, you looked really green :)…but do not worry….next time,right?

    I will be here keeping you company reading your blog! 🙂

  7. I’m not going either. But we can tweet throughout together and live vicariously through our Blogher friends right? It’ll be great! Seriously. It’ll be nearly as good as being there. And personally, I don’t care for swag anyway. Ya, I know, I know. I’m completely lying. It’s gonna suck. I’m just pretending to be a good sport. And the Oscar goes to….! LOL

  8. Oh Maria, I’m all green with you 🙂 I know you’ll have #NotGoingToBlogHer10Party in your house, right? Let’s party !!

  9. Maria, as we chatted the other day, you know I feel the same way, we can both be green with envy and all the others who will be at the #NotGoingToBlogHer10Party with ya!

  10. Aww… I wish you were coming too. I will bring you something awesome back!

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